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Village of Morton
Village Hall

120 North Main Street
Post Office Box 28
Morton, IL  61550-0028
7:30 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.
Monday – Friday
309-266-5508 (Fax)
Planning & Community Development
(Zoning Dept.)
Village Hall

7:30 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.
Pay Utility Bill
Call our office at 309-266-5361 to pay by credit/debit card or checking/savings

Gas Odors, Carbon Monoxide Calls, & Water Leaks
Home or Business

7:30 A.M.–5:00 P.M.
After hours and Holidays



Morton Fire and Emergency
Medical Services
Emergency Calls – 911
Non-Emergency Calls

Morton Police Department
Emergency Calls – 911
Non-Emergency Calls

Call:  811 - 24 Hours a day


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Village of Morton

Wastewater Treatment


The Village of Morton
Wastewater Treatment Department duties

  • Operate and maintain 2 treatment plants
  • Maintain sanitary/combined sewer collection system
  • Clean and televise sanitary and storm sewer collection systems
  • Inspection of sanitary sewer installations
  • Locate sanitary and storm sewers for the Julie “One call” system
  • Administer Sump pump / Footing tile inspections program
  • Administer the Mosquito abatement program
  • Maintain the landscape waste program


The Village of Morton Wastewater Department applies mosquito larvicide pellets (Altosid and Natular) yearly, to numerous Storm Sewer catch basins, detention ponds and road ditches in an effort to minimize the mosquito population and threat of West Nile Virus.


***MOSQUITO CONTROL*** The Tazewell County Health Dept offers the following tips for reducing the number of mosquitos:


1. Remove old tires, tin cans, buckets, drums, bottles or any water holding containers.

2. Fill in or drain low places (puddles, ruts, etc) in the yard.

3. Keep roof gutters free of leaves and other debris.

4. Cover trash containers to keep rainwater out.

5. Repair leaky outside faucets.

6. Empty plastic wading pools at least once a week  and store inside when not in use.

7. Unused swimming pools should be drained and  kept dry during mosquito season.

8. Fill in tree rot holes and hollow stumps that hold  water.

9. Change water in bird baths and plant pots or drip  trays at least once each week.

10. Store boats covered or upside down, or remove  rainwater weekly.

11. Keep grass cut short and shrubbery well trimmed  around the house.

12. Make sure ornamental ponds are stocked with fish  that eat mosquito larvae.

13. Repair window screens.

14. When outdoors in the evening or when mosquitoes  are biting, use personal protective measures to  prevent mosquito bites (proper use of insect  repellent and  appropriate clothing).

See for specific personal protection  recommendations.